Fitness Classes in Cornwall

At Stringer’s Gym in Truro, we offer an exciting blend of group exercise classes taught by highly motivated individuals. If you are unsure if a class is suitable for you, please get in touch to ask for some advice. We are always happy to answer any of your questions.

All classes should be booked to guarantee your place.

Class Timetable

Circuits 0615-0715 Bootcamp 0615-0715
Please call/email for class schedule for Sundays as classes are rotated
Spin 0920-0950 Pilates 0900-0945 Boot Camp 0800-0900 on a regular basis.
Over 50s 1015-1100 Stretch 1000-1030 Over 50s 1030-1115 Spin and Strength 1000-1045
Spin and Strength 1045-1130
Intervals 1715-1800 Total Body Pump 1715-1800 Spin and Strength 1730-1815
Spin 1815-1900 Spin and Strength 1730-18:15 Barbells 1815-1900 TRX 1730-1815
Spin 1830-1915 Spin 1830-1915
Boxfit 1930-2015

If you wish to cancel a class for whatever reason, please email us at

Thank you.

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Non Member Prices

1-hour class - £6.00
45-minute class - £5.00
30-minute class - £4.00
10 session card - £55.00 / £45.00 / £35.00
Yoga £6.00

You can now book up to one month in advance. Bookings for the following month open on the first day of that month.

You can only book one session per day in advance (if you require a second session email us and we will notify you at least 2 hours before the class starts, to confirm if you have a place, please don’t phone).

Sessions can be cancelled up to 4 hours before the session starts. Cancellations by email only. Failure to cancel will result in the full fee of the session being charged. This applies to both members and non-members.

Pilates and Yoga classes will be charged to both members and non-members at the sessional rate

We know how important it is to protect customers’ privacy and to comply with the Data Protection Act. We will safeguard your information and will not disclose personal data without consent. You can find out if we hold any personal information about you by making a ‘subject access request’ under the Data Protection Act. If we do hold information about you, we will:

  • Give you a description of it
  • Tell you why we are holding it

We handle all information in a manner that respects the rights of individuals and that complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. To make a request to Stringer’s Gym for any personal information that we may hold you need to put the request in writing, addressing it to Ian Stringer, Stringer’s Gym ,Heron Way, Newham, Truro, TR1 2XN