Evening everyone.
Great to see so many people registering to enable them to book either the gym or classes.
To book is relatively straight forward but if you make a mistake or need help with it please drop us a line to info@stringersgym.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. I would ask you not to ring us in the first instance but to email please.
We have created slots for both classes and the gym and the timings may not suit everyone initially but please bare with us as this is very new to us all and is likely to be adapted as we go.
To book either the gym or a class you will first have to provide us with contact details via email. This includes your address and tel. no.
We will then create a booking account for you and send you your login and password details. These will be sent by mid afternoon on Tuesday 21 July.

To book:
Go to our website; www.stringersgym.com
Click on the box in the top right hand corner, which resembles a beehive.Click on Bookings for Gym and Classes from the drop down menu.The class/gym timetable will be displayed-Click on the Book Now Box.Enter your details.You will now be able to select when you want to train.Click on your selection once ( if it doesn’t immediately show your booking then refresh your page.), you should now see that you have booked your slot. If you have accidentally booked twice on the slot, please email us as you won’t be able to delete the booking yourself.
You will only be able to book 1 week in advance for the time being.You will only be able to book 4 sessions per week, whether it is a class or a gym session-this is not to say that you can’t train more frequently, but you will only be able to reserve a slot 4 times per week. Any further sessions will be reliant on availability and can only be used if slots are available on the day. This will become more evident as time goes by.If possible, please choose quieter times of the day to train in the gym to allow those people who are restricted with their work to be able to train.
I will place further information on our website regarding booking restrictions and guidelines in the next 24 hours
Bookings open @ 1800 hours Tuesday 21 July.

Whatever happens, please don’t worry as we can deal with any problems that you may experience and we will do as much as we can to make this work for you.

All the best.

Ian and the Stringer’s Team.